Tel: 01558 822498

Teaching Staff

Head Teacher –  Mrs K Towns

Rainbow Learning Hub – Mrs Williams

Learning Hub 1 – Mrs R Lemon 

Learning Hub 2 – Mr M Jones

Learning Hub 3 – Mrs N Morris

Learning Hub 4  – Miss S Miller

Learning Hub 5 –  Mr M Wallace

Learning Hub 6 –  Mr J Moore

ALNCO – Mrs K Towns (Head)

Teaching Assistants

Infants:  Miss T George, Miss T Robinson, Mrs C Tomas, Mrs B Ratti & Miss E Davies 

Juniors:  Mrs T Williams, Mrs S Ralph, Mrs C Morgan, Miss C Jenkins, Miss J George, Miss R Pyper, Mrs U Haines, Ms Z Tudor & Mr S Cush

Support Staff

School Business Manager –  Mrs R James

Admin Assistant – Miss L Evans

School Caretakers – Mr D Trigg

Lollipop Lady – Mrs Y Leech

Music – UpBeat

Additional Midday Supervisors

Miss R Pyper


The School is supported by a governing body –  Governors  



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Welsh National Tests for Years 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 will be held across the school between the following dates:  Tuesday 7th May – Tuesday 14th May.  For further guidance and information, please click on the following link:  Welsh National Test Guide For Parents