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Croeso i Blwyddyn 4!

My name is Miss Sophie Miller and I am the Year 4/Learning Hub 4 class teacher. I am accompanied in class by the fantastic Miss J George.

I have returned to Llandeilo Primary following my time teaching in a large school in Swansea. Many people have compared me to a boomerang as I always seem to return to my roots in Llandeilo. I have grown up in Llandeilo and even attended Llandeilo Primary when I was a child. I also worked in the school as a TA a few years ago.

My time at Llandeilo Primary as a child provided me with many valuable experiences, of which I enjoyed thoroughly and I consequently have many memories that I treasure. I loved to go to school, especially because of its warm and caring atmosphere . I aim to ensure that I provide a positive classroom environment where every child feels safe, encouraged and valued. I strive to ensure that their learning experiences are enjoyable and enable them to reach their full potential, providing them with memories that they to can treasure when they are older.

To ensure that every child can be the best that they can be, I have certain expectations. These are:

  • Good listening.
  • To treat others with respect.
  • To treat others with kindness.
  • To be polite and have good manners.
  • To be responsible – for my actions, learning and own property.
  • ‘Gwaith Campus’ – the effort to complete work neatly and take pride in their presentation.
  • To try your best and be the best you can be!

Our current theme is Global Gourmet. We have been looking at items you find in shops and looking at their packing to find out where they have been produced. We have been using at World maps and atlases to locate different countries and to identify different continents. We are currently investigating the impact of food miles and developing our knowledge on fair-trade. We will be moving on to look at how foods are produced, and how farming has changed over the years. We will also be cooking some foods from other countries.

The themes to follow are ‘Blood, Bones & Gory Bits’, ‘Gods and Gladiators’ and ‘Flight Engineers’. We are looking forward to a fun, yet busy year ahead where we will delve into these interesting and engaging themes.

Key timetable information:

  • Monday: PE and spelling books to be returned. They will have a test every Monday.
  • Tuesday – spellings and homework given out.
  • Wednesday – outdoor learning.
  • Friday – Homework to be returned.

Children will be given their spelling words in their new spelling books on a Tuesday. Please return on the following Monday. This will ensure that they have a while week to practise, they will have a test every Monday. It is vital that they return their spelling books every Monday.

Please return reading books once your child has finished reading it. However , return at least once a week, even if it is not finished.

Thank you for your continued support. If anyone has any queries or concerns, I have an open door policy so feel free to come and see me about them.

Below is a copy of the newsletter that was sent out at the beginning of term.