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Welcome to Rainbow Learning Hub

My name is Mrs Rachel Lemon. I am the teacher in Rainbow Learning Hub here at Llandeilo primary.  The Rainbow Learning Hub is the base for Nursery and Reception age pupils.

I have been teaching in Llandeilo Primary School for 14 years.

I live in Ammanford with my husband and 2 children, Joseff and Mali-Kate.

Within my role as Science Co-ordinator I am responsible for monitoring the Teaching & Learning within the Science Curriculum we provide. Our aim within Llandeilo Primary School is to provide pupils with opportunities to predict, describe, problem-solve, evaluate and reflect on their investigations within the Science curriculum.  We are currently introducing the Digital Competency Framework within our Science investigations to give Pupils opportunities to use ICT to share their findings and work collaboratively.

Tell me and I’ll forget.  Show me and I may remember.  Involve me and I learn.’ Benjamin Franklin.

I believe in the importance of listening to our Pupil’s voice to ensure the highest engagement in learning. I feel that independence and confidence is key to help Pupils grow to become motivated and confident individuals.  Our vision as a school is…

At Llandeilo Primary School we pride ourselves on putting children at the heart of their learning by encouraging  them to become decision makers and problem solvers who can ;

  • Plan, initiate & reflect on work chosen by themselves
  • Be influential in developing all aspects of school life.

It is a place where all individuals will recognise & realise their potential, acquire academic, technological & social skills in order to play a full part in society. We prepare children to meet & exceed their expectations.

In our learning hub we teach the children the importance of:

  • Coming to school on time.
  • Remembering good manners.
  • Using kind hands.
  • Respecting their classmates and property.
  • Trying their best in all aspects of their work.
  • Listening.
  • Being the ‘Best we can Be!’ – both in behaviour and in the effort we put into our school tasks.
  • Using simple Welsh patterns as part of class and school life.

Following these rules and meeting expectations will result in the earning of class ‘Dojo’ points.


Homework packs are given to Full Time Nursery Pupils on a Tuesday and should be returned by the Monday please.

Reading books are allocated to pupils when they are ready on a daily basis    and need to be returned daily.

Pupils in the Reception Class will receive a project homework menu where they can select tasks to complete, as many or as few as they like, and earn Dojo points.

I have an open door policy, so if you ever have a query or concern, please ask to see me.


Nursery Information Sheet

Reception Information Sheet

Spring Newsletter

Spring Homework Menu

Rainbow Learning Hub have been making a friendship potion up in the school allotment.  They have been thinking about what ingredients make a good friend.  They added some kindness, sharing, happiness and a big smile.

The Pupils in Rainbow Learning Hub thoroughly enjoyed producing their Fern creations.  They enjoyed using tissue paper and PVA glue to make effective backgrounds.  They had fun mixing colours to print on the fern templates.

We have been learning all about dinosaurs this Spring term!

Mad about maths!

Dojo Rewards…