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Welsh in Education Strategic Plan for 2017-2020

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 Welsh in Education Strategic Plan for Carmarthenshire, 2017 – 2020

This Plan explains how Carmarthenshire aims to achieve the Welsh Government’s outcomes outlined in their Welsh-Medium Education Strategy.

Carmarthenshire Local Authority is required to develop a plan showing how it intends to develop an education system in that makes it possible for more learners of all ages to acquire a wider range of language skills in Welsh. This will enable them to use the language in their personal lives, socially and in the workplace.

Carmarthenshire is consulting on its new plan and you are welcome to express your views.

The plan can be viewed through this link on Carmarthenshire County Council’s website-

The consultation is open until 19th December, 2016.


You can respond by completing the online questionnaire (via the above link), or by completing the attached version of the questionnaire and returning by email to or by post to:-


WESP Consultation,

Education & Children,

Building 2,

St David’s Park ,

Carmarthen ,

SA31 3HB.


Yours faithfully,


  1. Sully, Director for Education & Children




2017 – 2020


Consultation – Response Form


Question 1

The Local Authority has a clear vision to ensure that all pupils are able to access Welsh-medium education of the highest standard across the Authority.


Are the aims and objectives set out in the draft Strategic Plan sufficient to enable us to realise this vision?  Please give reasons.















Question 2

To what extent do you agree with the ways in which the Local Authority will fulfil its duty in terms of transport (please tick only one)?


Agree strongly
Do not agree or disagree
Disagree strongly


Please give your reasons

















Question 3

To what extent do you agree with the ways in which the Local Authority will respond to the following outcomes (please tick the relevant boxes)?

Outcome Agree


Agree Do not agree or disagree Disagree Disagree strongly
More seven-year-old children being taught through the medium of Welsh          
More learners continuing to improve their language skills on transfer from primary school to secondary school          
More 14-16 year old students studying for qualifications through the medium of Welsh          
More 16-19 year old students studying subjects through the medium of Welsh in schools, colleges and work based learning          
More learners with higher skills in Welsh          
Welsh-medium provision for Additional Learning Needs          
Workforce planning and continuous professional development          

Please give your reasons

























Thank you for your response to the consultation on Carmarthenshire’s Welsh in Education Strategic Plan. Your views will be considered and a Consultation Response Document will developed and taken through the political process.


In order that we have accurate information in respect to all respondents could you please provide the following information if you are happy to do so.



Name (as you would like it noted in Consultation Document)




Village / Town




Your position / Category of Respondent (e.g. parent, governor, community member etc)




E-mail or address / contact information for sharing outcome of the consultation




If you’re a parent your child’s school