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Shwmae Day ~ 15th October 2015


This Thursday will be Shwmae Day.  We hope that you start every conversation with “Shwmae”.  Let’s have a little fun on Shwmae Day and find out how much you know about Wales. Here’s a quiz – and there’ll be a prize!  Feel free to work with a partner (one Welsh speaker/ one non-Welsh speaker).

Would you please type your answers and sent them electronically to:

Closing time:  11.30 a.m., 15 October. We will chose the  winner by mid-day. Thank you.


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1 Who was Saint David’s father?
2 What is the name of the largest natural lake in Wales?
3 In which year did we first hear programmes on Radio Cymru?
4 What is the title of the oldest book in the Welsh language…”Llyfr Du……”
5 What is the length of the coast of Wales?
6 What is the second most common surname in Wales?
7 Who is Tommy Woodward?
8 When is Saint Dwynwen’s Day?
9 Where is the National Library of Wales?
10 Who was the Gentle Giant?
11 What are the colours of St.David’s flag?
12 Which is the most southerly – Haverforwest, Llanelli, Maesteg or Merthyr Tydfil?
13 What is the title of the English version of the series “Y Gwyll” filmed in and around Aberystwyth?
14 Which letter used to be in the Welsh alphabet but is no longer included? It it Q,V,X or Z?
15 In which town is the coal industry museum,  Big Pit?
16 Where was the National Eisteddfod held this year – 2015 (nearest village)?
17 Near which town or city in Wales is Erddig mansion?
18 What was the Latin name for Caernarfon?
19 Maridunum is the Latin name of which town or city in Wales?
20 What will be the new name of the Millenium Stadium?
21 Where in Wales was T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) born?
22 In which town or city in Wales is the editorial office of Golwg magazine?
23 Which is the most easterly, Brecon, Penarth, Rhosllannerchrugog or Montgomery?
24 Which American architect of Welsh descent lived in a house called Taliesin?
25 Near which village is the National Botanic Garden of Wales?
26 What is the Welsh word for ‘website’?
27 Which Welsh poet is associated with Laugharne?
28 What are the colours of Urdd Gobaith Cymru?
29 Where in Wales is the Boulevard de Nantes?
30 Who was the father of  Mrs Aeronwy Ellis?
31 Who was the Member of Parliament for Ebbw Vale between 1929 and 1960?
32 Name two Welshmen who were orators in Andrew Sinclair’s ‘Under Milk Wood’?
33 Which famous politician has a statue in his memory on the Maes,  Caernarfon?
34 What is Sarn Helen?
35 Whose monument is to be found in Cilmeri, near Builth?
36 What was the name of Cerys Mathews’ famous group?
37 Which  famous Welsh singer is a brother of the late actor  Huw Ceredig?
38 Where is believed to be the smallest house in Britain?
39 What is the name of the new Welsh Language Centre in Carmarthen?
40  Where would you find a Boar (Twrch) grazing on top of a rugby post?
41 Name  5 Welsh place names with a colour in their name. 1
42 2
43 3
44 4
45 5
46 Name 5 Welsh place names with a number in their name. 1
47 2
48 3
49 4
50 5



Shwmae Wales Quiz